Sustainable Architecture in Africa

Kéré Architecture, Primary School (1999-2001), Gando, Burkina Faso

Diébédo Francis Kéré (1965), is a Burkinabe architect based in Berlin. Kéré’s project of primary school consists of three aligned rectangular classrooms interspersed with small covered areas for recreation. The concept was then completed with a fourth classroom, teachers’ housing, and a sports field, and will be expanded with an adjacent library plus a women’s center.


A corrugated metal roof helps abundant air circulation and maintains pleasant inside temperatures. A thin clay tiles ceiling serves as insulation and acoustic barrier below the metal roof. The construction walls are made of an adobe bricks masonry locally produced. Kéré’s will is to create an architecture that is sustainable and appropriate to local conditions, this is why he designed a simple triangular shape for the roof that was easily created by local craftsmen. At last, all structural elements can be assembled by hands on-site.


Francis Kéré participated to the exhibition Small Scale, Big Change at MoMA (Museum of Modern Arts), New York, from october 2010 to january 2011.

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