Polaroid is a bad image. Compared with the excellent documentary of other photographic practicies, it can be considered as a failure because of its myopia-ness, and the fact that no precision is to be expected from this type of shooting. Thus, polaroid snap shot is a random reaction to the present instant. As in every reaction, catalyzers play a primordial role. The moment, the action of shooting becomes as more important as the shot itself. The polaroid picture allows the opposition between the false familarity of totalizing hermeneutics which may deceive the observer, and the space of immediate encounter, the discountinuous, the fragment and the dark brightness apparent aporia. The constraint of this short-sighted vision is assimilated to a disconnected capture of reality, an incomplete sensibility which is poetically equivalent to a disturbance of discursive narrative grading logic functions.

Pictures: © K.I.P.

Markus Kayser - Solar Sinter Project

'Turbulent' by Shirin Neshat

The Afghan Box Camera Project provides a record of the kamra-e-faoree (instant camera) which as a living form of photography is on the brink of disappearing in Afghanistan.

In this video, Qalam Nabi, one of the last two remaining box camera photographers in Kabul demonstrates how to use his camera. “

Ryue Nishizawa, Teshima Art Museum


In march, we were invited by Cut Up Collectif and Thierry Haguma to portray the third edition of their party event “TRUST THE COLORS: KIP IT HOOD” at La Cave du Cercle des Voyageurs, a nice venue in the center of Brussels.

As the word was all about keeping it hood, snapbacks, tattoos and hoodies were definitely in abundance but we were glad to shoot some individuals who took their style to the next level as the man pictured above.

Thanks to the hosts and the DJ’s (Blaow, Cris prolific, Mr Comb, Flo Doobies & DJ OMO) for the great time.

You can see all the pictures here > http://kipithood.tumblr.com/

Asaad - New Black ® History Month - 
1. Origins of Cotton (prod. Bink!)2. Batman (prod. Problem)3. New Black History (prod. Maestro)4. A$AP Bari (Skit)5. Talk My Shit (prod. Tae Beast)6. B Sect (prod. Tae Beast)7. Kids Reading Comics (prod. Tae Beast)8. Black Recapitulation (composed by Andrew Pramuk)9. Jumanji Flow (prod. Me!)10. D Life feat. I.N.I. & Walt Fraze (prod. Problem)11. Drought 3 Flow (prod. Nascent & QB)12. Song (prod. Ben Pramuk)13. Paradise of Birds (prod. Cam Osteen)14. Lean Too Hard (prod. Cam Osteen)15. Gratz St. Blues (prod. DJ Nitro)16. Fransisco (prod. Ray Bueno)

Asaad - New Black ® History Month - 

1. Origins of Cotton (prod. Bink!)
2. Batman (prod. Problem)
3. New Black History (prod. Maestro)
4. A$AP Bari (Skit)
5. Talk My Shit (prod. Tae Beast)
6. B Sect (prod. Tae Beast)
7. Kids Reading Comics (prod. Tae Beast)
8. Black Recapitulation (composed by Andrew Pramuk)
9. Jumanji Flow (prod. Me!)
10. D Life feat. I.N.I. & Walt Fraze (prod. Problem)
11. Drought 3 Flow (prod. Nascent & QB)
12. Song (prod. Ben Pramuk)
13. Paradise of Birds (prod. Cam Osteen)
14. Lean Too Hard (prod. Cam Osteen)
15. Gratz St. Blues (prod. DJ Nitro)
16. Fransisco (prod. Ray Bueno)


ORDOS 100, a film by Ai Weiwei

Swiss architects Herzog & De Meuron and chinese artist/architect Ai Weiwei (FAKE DESIGN) joined forces once again (cf. Beijing’s Olympic stadium) for ORDOS 100, a construction project in a desertic area of China,in inner Mongolia.

100 architects from 27 countries, selected by Herzog & De Meuron, were asked to design, each of them, a 1000-square-meter villa to be built to fit a master plan designed by Ai Weiwei. In case you just discovered ORDOS 100, it will not be hard for you to find a complete review as the project has generated equal amounts of enthusiasm and controversy since 2008.

One of the curators, Ai Weiwei, directed a documentary about the project, following the hundred architects, all gathered in Ordos for the first visit of the site in January 2008. Of course, Ai didn’t make any concessions showing the misunderstandings and the chaos that such a colossal project could create. This video shows once again that urbanization is used as an economical instrument, as China, becoming richer and richer, engages a frenetic urbanization of the totality of its huge territory.

Cynical and sometimes even funny, the documentary is a must watch.

At this day, ORDOS 100 still remains unrealized.


Photo by JDS


Ziyah Gafic is challenging the stereotypes about muslim women by photographing successful Saudi Arabian ones.

Read more here.

New Black ® History Month

Asaad - “Origins Of Cotton” (Produced by Bink!)

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